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POSH STYLING GROUP is established in 2016. As the first Chinese fashion PR company in New Zealand, it has gained considerable experience in planning and organizing various international fashion weeks and large-scale international model competitions.

Our Story

POSH STYLING has been dedicated to developing local fashion, education and culture industries and is passionate about promoting Chinese fashion and oriental traditional dress aesthetics in New Zealand. We are excited to build a cultural and economic connection between New Zealand and China, significantly helping New Zealand fashion brands start a business in the Chinese market.

We have been organizing multiple fashion shows to present authentic Chinese intangible cultural heritages, such as Kam people's dresses, Hmong dresses, etc., which are highly praised by local people and media in New Zealand.


POSH STYLING MODEL is an education brand subject to POSH STYLING GROUP, which is expert at runway & performance training for kids (4 - 16 years old) and adolescents. It is a comprehensive professional institution integrating children's model training, fashion release, performance, and event hosting.

It is the only education and training base holding the exclusive license of ACIC in New Zealand. It follows the world's most advanced ACIC International Model certification system to provide unique teaching concepts and professional model mentors for everyone who dreams of standing under the spotlight and being somebody.

POSH STYLING ENTERTAINMENT is an Entertainment & Media Public Relations company, affiliated with POSH STYLING GROUP, specializing in talent agency, performing arts education, idol training, event planning and management, and music production.


Guided by the concept of "creating a top global entertainment brand", Posh Styling Entertainment has built an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative entertainment experiences to audiences nationwide. ​


With a passionate and experienced professional management team, consisting of directors, choreographers, musicians and costume designers, Posh Styling Entertainment is dedicated to providing top-notch services to its clients. Whether it's discovering and nurturing new talent or producing unforgettable performances and events, Posh Styling Entertainment is committed to excellence in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

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